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October 28, 2008
Posted by Rico

Q:Can you delete people using bot programs? they really wreck the game, drive prices up and take away the fun interaction with other players. The rude ones steal mops too. put them all in hell. -jason

A: please take your bot issues to NC itself, Linage DB is a database, not admins.

July 29, 2008
Posted by Stub

Thanks to Zazie for image of Kuman!

On a personal note: I have reached level 52!

April 6, 2008
Posted by Rico

Q: I've just bought a new hard drive and installed windows on it. Also just downloaded lineage, but it is not running properly. Why Not? -Kinthos

A: if you're having technical issues, please ask NC. they will be able to assist you more effectively.

March 20, 2008
Posted by Rico

to all you mac users out there having resizing issues, i bring you an answer.

For the question about how to make the lineage window smaller on a Mac OS that you couldn't answer: If you press option (apple) + L the lineage window resizes to a smaller one, and to make it full screen again you can do the same thing. It's extra useful if you need to use lienagedb in the middle of the game and you don't want to exit the game ;) -Henriikka

thank you very much Henriikka, i'm sure that will be useful to others.

March 17, 2008
Posted by Rico

for those who might be dealing with vista:

To the player wanting to know how to play with Vista I had the same problem...easy fix though Once lineage icon on your desktop....right click and chose "run as administrator" that will let it go through....just thought I'd let him know. -Labybug on kerver

March 16, 2008
Posted by Rico

hello lineage community, figured i'd drop by and fill in a few gaps.

Q: How can I get Lineage to run properly on my new comp with Vista on it?
A: DO NOT quote me on this, but i am led to understand that vista is primarily not compatable with any program not specifically designed for it. aka it doesn't work with older games. there's a catch tho, you can disable this "feature" in the control panel. at least that is what i've been told.

Q: how mcuh worth shadow mask?? -Elam

A: ask your server, prices vary.

Q: Forgotten Island Ettin also drops green dragon scale. I know from experience and also heard from friends. -Shaydog

A: great. send a pic.

Q: What about the Tower of Shadows (TOS)? and how you get to it? -Attulah
A: TOS is located in the very north of oren. if you head north from the village eventually you'll come across an encampment. if you're kos to the guards, you really don't want to be here. through the back of the camp is a small path that leads to the north-west (up-left). follow it until you reach... best word i can call it is a distortion. click it and you get two options. one is enter... forget what the other is off hand. click the other option. this will send you to the entry area to TOS. have fun.

Q: I've recently gotten a ring called cursed emerald ring. I have not identified it cuz it would downgrade the item's quality. I tried to look for it on the website and is not here. I'm on LOA btw.

A: unfortunately we have no data on the stats of said ring. i do know that it was originally a stat boosting ring, dex i believe. however, the stats of the ring were changed. so any info would be nice here. preferably a ss. and un-id items are only a higher "quality" to people who are OCD about everything looking the same. the item doesn't change if you identify it.

Q: I can't complete the level 30 elf quest. It won't let me talk to the mother tree to start the quest. Whats up?

A: quests have to be done in order. if you havn't done the 15 quest you can't do the 30 quest.

Q: For the Baell Zaer low lvl boss monster, could we post a TI 1F map with his location indicated? Due to camping, he is hard to find by ppl not familiar with his spawn spot.

A: i'd love to post his specific spawn point. if he actually had one. he can spawn anywhere on 1f. good luck.

Q: I'm doing the knight's quest 30 and finally reached jim. When I talked to him, his message box are all in question marks. How do I give him the potion?

A: in case you're still puzzling over this one (and i hope you aren't) you MUST be in skeleton morph to talk to jim or else all you get is the question marks.

Q: noticed everet in giran is not puchasing CMOMR not sure if he used too but he dont buy mine.

A: *sigh* not every merchant npc buys every item. try selling your CMOMR in aden.

Q: They no longer carry the the "Silent Cavern" name, appears their loot tables are the same as their top side counter-parts. Have yet to see DE items drop from them since that change, might be my bad luck.

A: the "silent cavern" designation is given here so that we can separate different mobs with the same name since they don't all have the same drops.

Q: In the drake quest part 2 it says that "you can hit spirit of drake with your own weapon", this is false. If you do that, then you're going to have to redo that part again. You HAVE to use the given swords. Otherwise you're gonna waste 5 hours trying to figure out what you did wrong.

A: i wrote that guide myself and have done it on 2 different characters as well as walked people through it. unless NC updated the quest since i did it last, you don't need to use the swords you're given for the quest. i do think you have to expend all the enchant scrolls you are given tho. someone get back to me on that one.

Q: Hi There I use MAC OS and accidently went from full screen to a smaller window size---how did i do it?!! Would realy be great to know. Also PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSE get rid of Xxxxxxx the bot outside Oren town east gate Thank you

A: we aren't NC. sorry.

Q: Wis ammy adds to +1 mp a tic as opposed to using a int ammy.

A: *smacks head against the wall* a wis ammy ONLY adds +1 mp per tick IF that 1 wis point puts you at the next bracket. if you have say, 18 int, then adding 1 wis will add +1 mp per tick ONLY when you are on a blue. below that, 18 wis is 3 mp per tick, 15-17 is 2 mp per tick, and under 15 is 1 mp per tick.

ok, i think that's everything for the moment. if i missed your question, feel free to clue me in.

February 26, 2008
Posted by Stub

Im away on holliday atm, but I just wanted to comment on the pets exp loss. Yeah, its always been a nuissance that pets lose so much exp, would love to see a change on that. The reason why mops turn on newly lvled pets, is due to the autohaste pets get when lvling to levels 26+. Your pets are more agressive and do more harm until around 20% of level. So you have to be extra careful and protect them after lvling to 26+.
Have fun all!

January 31, 2008
Posted by Stub

We are still waiting for Episode 6, but are still updating the site with data on drops, as we receive feedback/gain knowledge about it.

There has been some questions:
Q: How can I get Lineage to run properly on my new comp with Vista on it?
A: I don't know, you'll have to contact the official Lineage Support for advice on that.

Q: I can't complete knights level 30 quest. Gerard wont give me the option of give him letter of gratitude.
A: You must have done level 15 knight quest. Also, is your lineage the correct US-version? If this doesn't help, maybe official Lineage Support can see what is wrong.

Please do continue to send drop-info!

August 17, 2007
Posted by Stub

Just a quick note while we are all enjoying summer and lots of events:
Should you have more than 1 SS you wish to post to us, please zip them up and mail them to or!

I recently got a feedback stating that there are Muryans in TOI! Can anyone confirm this and tell the floors or could it have been abandoned tames?

July 10, 2007
Posted by Rico

a couple quick answers for some good questions:

Q: If an evolved pet dies while wearing pet armor, is there a chance that it will drop his armor? Or fangs for that matter? -timmyz21

A: yes, depending on how it died. you should always kill the mop that has killed your pet to be sure. if it doesn't have the armor, and your pet isn't showing it, there is a simple way to get it. resurect the pet, go to a kennel, store the pet away and restart. the item will be on your character. there is a chance that fangs or armor will drop, so do be careful.

Q:I have started a couple new caracters lately and come across something I don't quite understand. I've been playing the game for around 2 years now and have only had one knight. Anyway, my elf on start only had a talking scroll that I gave to some NPC (I cant remember the name) in Hidden Valley and I got back a ton of weapons, armor and scrolls and such. Most of the stuff is actually pretty good. Now here is the problem. My new elf can only use like 20% of the items i got and the rest are non tradable and non discardable. I ended up trashing a good number of the items. Is that all I'm supposed to do? Also, do you guys know if I will lose these items after say level 13 when I get kicked out of Hidden Valley? -Stephen

A: ok, long question but quick answers... yes, you are supposed to trash any of the ivory tower items you can't use or don't plan to. and no, there is no maximum level requirement on them, however the items are unenchantable so eventually you will replace them with better stuff.

ok, i think that's all, have fun in the event everyone

June 12, 2007
Posted by Rico

a quick update for those curious:
drop info will not be accepted unless a screen shot is provided for validation purposes.

feedback stating "this is wrong, fix it" isn't helpful. please inform us where the information is lacking so that everyone may benefit. (in reference to feedback about drake quest part 2, try actually reading the whole thing where it states that the sword isn't needed. but if you read the full text from the npc the swords are provided in order to kill drake. i think you'll find the rest to be dead on since i've done it that way on 2 of my 3 characters.)

and to Hogyn if you do ever check here... the bot situation is... coming to a point of control and lack there of. there are still bots. but nc is banning them.

Q:Exactly how do I make an icon for my blood pledge? I know this may not be the correct place to ask but I was just wondering. Thank you! -Tim

A: you need to make a .bmp image that is 16 pixels wide by 12 pixels high. you can download a pre-made .bmp off of lineagewarcry, since lineage2 emblems also work for lineage1. just make sure that the full size of the image is 16x12 or it won't work (this is the total area of the image. if you can still add more image around the 16x12 then you need to shrink the field). then just save it to your lineage folder and you should be able to access it by name in game on your royal. best of luck! -Rico

May 25, 2007
Posted by Rico

a hint for mages taking on jose, courtesy of Firebug01 from dep:

In response to "Q: How do I kill Jose in Drake Quest 2? A: I'm having difficulty with him my self as a mage. Ratman(Ken) advice is to use lots of ancient clears and run around while killing the other mops first." As a level 52 mage I did this to lay the smack down to Jose. Took around 30 a-oj's, stacked immune, and popped a few wisdom potions when I saw him. Jose may hit hard, but his HP is low. I suggest using sunburst and just sunburst him to death. He died very fast and I only used around 3 of the a-oj I had on me =]. Having as close to or above 100% MR is a good idea as well.

May 23, 2007
Posted by Stub

Info: Gloves of New King has been altered in game to have AC 3. Cost of Death (Ring) was listed as not in game. Apparently it was, but name is Payment for Death.
Q: How do I kill Jose in Drake Quest 2?
A: I'm having difficulty with him my self as a mage. Ratman(Ken) advice is to use lots of ancient clears and run around while killing the other mops first.
Q: What are the mops Zyrus and Teranus in resistance?
A: Please help us out on this one! Was Zyrus the former NPC-Boss in Heine?
Q: How can I send more Images at a time to LineageDB?
A: Please use this mail: . I must make a link on site for this.....

May 1, 2007
Posted by Stub

The new monster/drop view has been published. Take a look at Giran Cerberus to see the small cameras after each drop. A click on the camera will allow you to view the SS of the drop or dropline. Please use feedback to send in other interesting drop SS, which you want to have published!

March 8, 2007
Posted by Stub

I'm happy to announce that you are now able to view mop-info for the new monsters coming in Episode 5.

Notice the Episode 5 entry on the left of the menu.

A big THANKS to Fracas for supplying us with the info.

We still havnt gotten the images on mops and maps, but hopefully it will come soon.

There are some new fields in the mop-details:

Immune to poison
Immune to Slow

Regarding the elemental-resistance and Karma, I dont know how the values are to be interpreted.

Comments and feedback are as allways welcome!

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